((I made one more for Olive too oops im not sorry))

((I made one more for Olive too oops im not sorry))


A More Comprehensive Character Questionnaire

  • Name: Olive Green
  • Colour: #304C00
  • Gender: Female
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 17
  • Occupation: Student/Delinquent, looking for a job
  • Hobbies: Sports of any kind (especially soccer), running, watching pirated movies and martial arts tutorials on youtube
  • Pets: None
  • House: Currently a two-bedroom condo her mom is renting for them, but she moves around a lot.
  • Wardrobe: A variety of green shorts and cargo pants, usually worn with high socks and heavy black boots. No one knows what sort of shirts she wears, because she never takes off her oversized black hoodie.
  • Cooking: She sticks to simple sandwiches, maybe the occasional mac and cheese. She'd be really good at it if she tried, but thinks it's too girly.
  • Fighting: Constantly. Has gotten kicked out of ~4 high schools in the past three years, and pretty much constantly has scraped up knuckles from beating on people. She thinks she's really hardcore because she watches 'how to' videos but she's at a disadvantage because she's tiny.
  • Favorite Foods: Caramel apples! Anything apple, actually. Pie is also good.
  • Weather: Warm, dry days are the best for running.
  • Friends: Not many. She thinks of Chocolate as her only friend, usually. Zerxes might be making his way onto that list after last night.